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Woman with outstretched arms happy to be alivea Du Preez

Whitewater Abbey exists

to support

your faith journey.

​We want to see you flourish wherever you come from and

wherever you are going.

Life is an unexpected mix of

challenging rapids and swirling eddies.

One thing is for sure, 

the ride will be wild and scenic!

Whitewater Abbey is named for the ride.

The Abbey was founded over lunch at a coffee shop.

Discover the Abbey

small group of people around a communion chalice about to receive communion wine
Around-the-Table Gatherings
Encountering the image of God in one another through insightful conversations, personal relationships and ordinary stuff.
Hand-crafted conversation and Communion, gathering 4 times for 75 minutes. Contact us about upcoming zoom or in-person groups.
Open bible with coffee cup and twinkling lights.Image by Timothy Eberly
From the Easy Chair
Heart-to-heart talks weave together the wisdom of Scripture, ancient spirituality and the here and now of life. 
View talks from both Pastor Barb and Bishop Margie.
Two women in peasant dress facing each other in a field of flowers clasping their right hands overhead. Image by Roxxie Blackham
Over the Back Fence
Our quick and dirty dialogues scope out the ways life, self, and God all fit together (or don't).  
Listen here. New dialogues posted every Saturday. Contact us to submit a real-life question.
A field of green grass and blue sky with a surprising free standing white door frame and open door.
Welcome to Confusion:
A Surprising Doorway to God
Valuing the importance of not having all the answers. 
Read an excerpt and learn more here. Purchase it here or on Amazon.
Two dozen colored pencils on a white surface arranged in a circle with the multi-colored points facing to the center. Image by Agence Olloweb
Poetry and fiction authored by Bishop Margie, Pastor Barb and fellow-travelers.
Read poems and stories. 
Head shot of Bishop Margie in her purple Bishop's shirt and clergy collar.
Head shot of Pastor Barb in her green sweater andclergy collar
Chief Cooks and Bottle Washers
Learn more about Bishop Margie, Ph.D. and Pastor Barb, M.Div. 
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