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Sacred Table

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They gathered there amidst the struggles of men

In humanness and mystery

The seen and the unseen

Upon the rugged table, unseen, deep crimson flows

 Stain creeping into every crevice

Harsh Sticky Clinging


Sin Exposed

The noise of bickering, manipulating, cajoling

Fills the space


Consumed by disbelief and fear

Darkness flowing from the hearts of friends

The closest fall


Three years, he thinks, such little faith

Loneliness fills his soul

Sadness claims his heart


My own sin moves along this sacred table

I weep


Holy hands embrace the cup of reality

The gathered consumed by haunting mystery

Crimson sin fills the cup


Blood poured out for the forgiveness of sin

All sin, my sin, now removed from the table

Taken by his body to the cross


Souls seized in faith unborn

Power sleeping in hearts freed

Familiar wine transformed as blood


Forever the sweetest wine of Love

Margaret W. McCaslin



Eyes accustomed to the dark

are oft made blind by heaven's spark. 

Each wound and tear lets in the light, 

the painful gleam improves our sight

preparing us to take our place 

with open eyes

and face to face.

Barbara M. Russo


starry night clip.jpg

We could not hear you calling,

we did not know your name --

lost in our transgressions,

lost in all our pain,

The night wrapped all around us,

helpless pawns in evil’s game.

Then you came to give us beauty,

you came to share our bane --

poured out for our offenses,

and bearing all our shame.

We did not know you loved us,

yet you found us just the same.

Released to be your people,

love and death no more in vain --

the bliss of your appearing

cheating earthly strain.

We bless and break and eat you,

your light our brilliant flame.

Barbara M. Russo

© 2021 Barbara M. Russo

© 2021 Margaret W. McCaslin

Each author retains copyrights to their own work

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